Isabella Pilar

Isabella is an Integrative Bodyworker who began her journey as a dancer. She has always felt in touch with and in awe of the human body and its power. Her personal experience with emotional and physical trauma led her to focus her work on the interconnection between body and mind.

 While living in Paris, France–where she received her Masters in Human Rights–she became aware of how many therapeutic and health services in America are considered a luxury rather than a basic human right. When moving back to the US she decided to bring her passion for Human Rights to an interpersonal level–working with emotional and physical pain through the body. 

 Our body is the vessel with which we spend our entire life, and thus it holds and remembers our every experience. When we neglect caring for our body in a restorative manner, we neglect not only our ability to release and move forward through our past pain (both physical and emotional), but we also inhibit our ability to feel fully and thus to live fully.

 Integrative Bodywork uses a variety of modalities to adapt every session to the specific needs of the client, as everyone comes with their own unique story. Isabella draws primarily from her training in Massage Therapy, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Sound Therapy and Aromatherapy. 

 Sessions are also offered in each specific modality if that is preferred. 

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