Sound healing [also called a sound bath, or sound meditation] creates space where the client can reach a state of deep relaxation and connect with their subconscious. Himalayan/ Tibetan singing bowls are placed on and around the body, ringing out harmonics and vibrations that can help reduce stress, relieve pain, and uncover and clear energetic and emotional blocks and engrained patterns. Tuning forks may be used on specific points to help unlock energy and physical tightness, and other instruments are incorporated as needed.

A session is typically relaxing at minimum, often with clients saying it feels like a massage for body and mind. The ‘retuned' feeling can last for hours or days, and is often accompanied by deeper and lasting shifts in energy and mindset.


Therapeutic benefits of sound :

- pain relief 

- improved sleep

- energy/ chakra balancing

- stress + anxiety reduction

- overall awakening + healing

- removing creative + emotional blocks

- recognizing + releasing habits and patterns




1.25 hr : $110

1.75 hr : $150

Packages also available.

Available by appointment with El Larson