Solar Eclipse Transformative Journey with Cacao + Reiki

August 21 • 7pm - 9:30pm 


We are already over halfway through 2017. What a year! We have collectively and personally experienced some great challenges and may have become inspired to participate politically, environmentally, or with social issues. One way or another, there is a great shift happening here on Earth and this coming Solar Eclipse in Leo is an invitation for us to get very clear on whether we are in line with our innermost intentions and desires. We are thrilled to offer this Solar Eclipse Ceremony as an opportunity to tune in with the Leo energy of creativity, power, leadership and confidence. 

Using the sacred energy of cacao as a guide, you will be led through a process of breathwork, yoga, a soundhealing and reiki, rejuventating both your emotional and physical body. 

What is Cacao?

Chocolate is a derivative of the Cacao bean. In this ceremony, we will be drinking cacao in it's pure, unrefined form. Cacao has been used for centuries as an elixir that brings bliss, creativity, and emotional release. Mayans were carving images of Cacao Gods on ceremonial bowls as early as 8th century AD! Raw cacao contains “anandamide,” a bliss chemical associated with increased pleasure and improving motivation. When combined with breathwork and movement, cacao moves beyond a pleasant taste and activates as a plant medicine, renewing our creative inspiration, inner sense of joy, and revitalizing our energy centers. It can be used to clear blockages and aid in emotional release. It is not unusual for one to have a vibrant spark of creativity after this ceremony!

At the end of the ceremony, there will be a sound bath with medicinal songs that are known to bring healing and harmony to the body. While this is occurring, Rica Evangelio will be performing reiki on all attendees and clearing any stagnant energy. 

What to bring: Please bring a yoga mat or blanket to lie down on for the sound healing. You are welcome to bring any important stones or crystals or special objects that you would like to charge at the altar, and a journal for your inspiration. 

Fee: $30. We are hosting this in the beautiful Golden Folk Wellness center and space is limited so we ask that anyone who would like to come preregister with deposit. Please email to confirm your spot. 


Rica Evangelio is a Reiki Master and Intuitive Tarot Reader. A profound yearning for peace, love, inner balance and her subsequent spiritual journey led Rica to pursue the healing arts. She studied nutrition and it led to a career in food, as a chef. Her inquiry into food - not just as sustenance or even style but part of what makes people whole and healthy - opened her eyes to the healing and magical qualities of food. She combines Reiki and food magic altogether in her practice.

Sonia Kreitzer is a certified yoga instructor and singer/songwriter signed to ANTI- Records. She has travelled the world and studied different musical medicine traditions, specifically working with the Tibetan community living in exile in India and learning their songs. She has led cacao ceremonies internationally, after learning the tradition from her teachers in Peru.