rica evangelio, rm

Rica will be out of the country until June 2018 and will be resuming her practice this summer.

Rica Evangelio is a Reiki Master and an Intuitive Tarot Reader. A profound yearning for peace, love, inner balance and her subsequent spiritual journey led Rica to pursue the healing arts.

Rica has always had an interest in whole body holistic health. In the Philippines, her native land, she studied nutrition. It led to a career as a chef in the culinary arts. Her inquiry into food, not just as sustenance or even style but part of what makes people whole and healthy, opened her eyes to the healing and magical qualities of food. After moving to Los Angeles, her healing path emerged as she met practitioners and other enlightening people of the healing community. Early in her ongoing Reiki study, she discovered her healing lineage in the Philippines. Rica’s Reiki practice is the continuation of her direct relatives’ path of traditional healing methods. She honors that heritage by calling upon guidance of her ancestors. Some say her energy resonates with the beautiful and gentle presence of a grandmother spirit.

Rica believes Reiki’s healing energies can be used for many different purposes. She has experience with the balancing of energies and the chakras, the easing of spiritual or emotional distress and minor physical ailments. In addition to Rica’s powerful Reiki healing, she also practices intuitive tarot reading where she organically weaves her clairvoyant intuition into her healing sessions. With the use of her intuitive tarot reading, she creates a deeper understanding of and closer connection to the people she treats. Let Rica share a lasting healing experience with you!


The Reiki session will usually last 45 minutes to 1 hour. Following the Reiki session, an energy assessment will be provided with the client based on their energetic vibrations. Tarot Reading is included during the energy assessment. 

1 hour and 30 minutes ~ $75



Call or text : 213-570-9180 

Email: maricaevangelio86@gmail.com