spiritual & depth PSYCHOTHERAPY for couples & individuals


Through the collaborative process of therapy, we will move towards developing:

- Self-knowledge and insight. Through exploring aspects of yourself that have been rejected or disregarded, you’ll arrive at an enhanced knowledge of yourself, the way your past experiences influence the present, what makes you happy and conversely, what makes you unhappy.
- Mindfulness. “Mindfulness” is a term that has received a lot of focus in the therapeutic field recently. Books, talking heads, gurus, and doctors are touting the benefits of developing a mindfulness practice. Simply put, to be mindful is to learn to listen to the present moment and to develop the ability to focus on what is important to you without following every thought and desire down the rabbit hole. It’s the freedom to choose, moment by moment, what your life looks like and how you show up in it.
- Embodiment and somatic awareness. Being in your body, understanding the language of feelings and the relationship between your body, emotions and thoughts enables you to self-regulate and calm yourself when you experience anxiety, depression and other difficult emotions.

- Ability to cope. Life will never be perfect. Trying to achieve the perfect life is a futile endeavor. Something will always go wrong. You will learn and practice skills that will help you feel safe and calm within yourself.
-       Resilience. Resilience is the ability to return to a core sense of security when confronted with pain. Through my support and your commitment to the process of therapy, you will develop the ability to withstand difficult times without collapsing or returning to negative patterns.
-       Self-acceptance. By learning to accept yourself, you will enhance your ability to embrace and communicate your real desires and needs without shame, guilt or apprehension, resulting in a better relationship with yourself and others.
-       Relationships. Cultivate satisfying, intimate relationships with others based on mutual respect, commitment, love and vulnerability.



To schedule an appointment for psychotherapy, please contact Carly Arenaz LMFT

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