Shakti Sundays is a donation-based women's circle held on our veranda here at Golden Folk Wellness! Women's circles have been around since ancient times as a space of sharing, support, and sisterhood. This is also a space to learn rituals for feminine self-care, tools for authentic listening and communicating, intimacy practices, and much more! 

We will gather the last Sunday of each month, unless otherwise stated. 

$15 suggested donation.

Please RSVP to Katherine Mills at Come be supported by other women, share your unique self,  and learn ancient practices to benefit your wellbeing! 






Katherine Mills is an artist, filmmaker, and yogini based in Los Angeles. From a young age, Katherine was drawn to mysticism, eastern philosophy, and connected to mother earth. Since 2008, Katherine has studied the various disciplines of yoga, meditation, tantra, kirtan, and most recently, traditional tea ceremony. Her current practice is centered around working with the chakra system and "subtle body" (prana/Qi/life force), awakening the mind through meditation and dream work, honoring and preserving the sacred feminine, and connecting with herbs and plants. Her intention is to empower others with the teachings of yoga and meditation that flow through her, and to deepen the greater collective's connection to our planet. To learn more about Katherine's offerings please follow @wild.state or visit