happy hour vitamin shots! 

We are excited to announce a very special pop-up at Golden Folk Wellness. Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Nadia Musavvir, will be offering vitamin shots in addition to naturopathic services & consultations on the following dates: 


Saturday, April 14, 
Saturday, April 21, 
Friday, April 27.

Vitamin Shot Bar includes:

B12 shots: $20 (regularly $30)
Benefits of B12 include: increased energy, increased focus, improved mood, encourages sound sleep, supports nerve health.

Add-ons: $10 each (regularly $15)
Add-ons include: B5, taurine, methylated folate, glutathione, vit D, MIC, biotin, coq10, homeopathic pain formula, homeopathic collagen boost.

Naturopathic services offered: naturopathic consultations, PRP facial (aka vampire facial, collagen induction therapy), craniosacral therapy, glutathione nebulizer therapy, standard/functional lab testing (thyroid panel, digestive function panel, food allergy tests, sex hormone test)

Come by and get nourished! 

To schedule an appointment, please
contact Dr. Nadia at info@drmusavvir.com