lotara JAMES, CBP


Lotara James is a Certified BodyTalk practitioner who combines intuitive listening with her love of quantum healing. From a young age while attending The Oak Grove School in Ojai, CA she learned empathy, compassion and the importance of developing sensitivity to surroundings---both human and environmental. During this time she traveled extensively with her class and was exposed to many cultures, ways of thinking, and approaches to living. After graduation, Lotara attended Stanford University. Finding less inspiration in traditional western academia than she anticipated, she left Stanford and continued her education at Eugene Lang College in New York City.

Her arrival in New York coincided with the events of September 11th, 2001. Six weeks after the attacks she made the difficult decision to return to California, knowing she was significantly changed by her time in New York and aware there was still much to process. It wasn't until 11 years later that she discovered the full extent of it---the physical and mental symptoms that had been limiting her capacity to fully thrive were the effects of long-term, untreated PTSD.  

This lead Lotara to explore different healing modalities and ultimately led her to the consciousness based mind and body health system called BodyTalk. She began studying BodyTalk in 2013 after recognizing the system’s scientific basis in quantum physics which mirrored her spiritual understanding of consciousness. She connected deeply to the system’s ability to heal the body-mind and return it to a state of harmony and was inspired by how the BodyTalk system had helped to heal her physically while simultaneously contextualizing her experience intuitively and psychologically.  

BodyTalk treatments create healing at the root cause level. Sessions focus on exactly what the body and mind need as indicated by the body itself as opposed to what someone else thinks from their own subjective perspective. Lotara became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in early 2015. Since this time, she has witnessed many healing miracles and is repeatedly amazed by the quality and intensity of change when the body is given what it needs to heal itself. Her ability to see and connect empathically to her clients allows for unique insight in the process of healing and growth, helping to uncover one's greater purpose in life.

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To book an appointment, please contact Lotara at lotara.bodytalk@gmail.com or 805.815.7426.