Jodi is a Licensed Esthetician with a holistic approach to skincare. She combines advanced non-invasive technologies along with ancient healing techniques to focus on skin repair and recovery, achieving long term results. She considers the underlying causes for imbalance and works to strengthen the skin by rebalancing the entire self. Whatever is happening internally (mentally, hormonally and spiritually) will show externally. Jodi works together with her clients to educate on their skin and assist to create a home regimen to obtain their skincare goals while still falling in line with their habits and lifestyle.

Throughout her career Jodi has come across many different skincare products and brands. Unfortunately, she discovered not only do many companies formulate their products with toxic ingredients, but they also deceive the innocent consumer with manipulative marketing. It has become a passion to study ingredients to mentor her clients on the importance of clean skincare and a non-toxic lifestyle, while balancing internal and external influences that may be affecting her clients skin.

Ohmbiance came about with the understanding that in order for anyone to achieve their most beautiful self... mind, body and spirit must all be in harmony. Every aspect of our existence is connected. Which influences our state of being and ultimately our skin. Whether it's ingredients in our products or food, air and water quality, fabrics we drape our bodies and fill our home with or even people we surround ourselves with, emotions we suppress or foster… Every part of our lives has an impact.


Is considered a sacred mantra, the sound of complete unity, the universe coming together for a divine purpose.


The character or atmosphere of a place. Overall experience.

Together, Ohmbiance embodies a delightful synergy and unity. All aspects of your life coming together for the fulfillment of your experience and well being.

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