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Pregnancy is the most miraculous, beautiful, memorable, life changing experience a woman could have.  There are so many factors that contribute to a healthy pregnancy, and the birth of such a delicate new life. Women must be prepared and educated on how to take care of themselves in all stages of their pregnancy.  Raising our awareness in preparation for this new gift is of great importance, essential in creating a harmonious balance for our own bodies, as well as the new body we are bearing into this world. 

As a trained doula, California Certified Massage Therapist, and Certified Educator of Infant Massage, Sparrow Harrington's unique practice guides women throughout their individual pregnancies.  Our own health directly affects what we carry inside, so treating ourselves properly is essential in establishing a healthy start for our children.  By crafting tailored therapeutic massage sessions as well as comforting and assisting women during their birth,  Sparrow is passionate about connecting women deeper to themselves and their child through this amazing process. 

Like a lullaby for your body, Sparrow's prenatal and postpartum massage will help relieve physical discomforts of pregnancy, while also relaxing you on your special journey.  By increasing circulation to the uterus, Sparrow's treatments promote healthy fetal growth, as well as shorter, less painful labors with fewer complications and interventions.  Sparrow guides our bodies toward acceptance, revitalizing and preparing us for labor and everything that follows.  Her skilled and nurturing touch will be a catalyst of healing and growth for you and your beautiful miracle on the way. 

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