Natural vs. Synthetic Skincare

Love Your Skin.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body.  Many of us health conscious individuals are becoming more and more aware of the food we put into our bodies.  Shouldn't that be the same attitude taken when considering skincare products?  Whether it is face cream, body lotion, anti-aging face serum or acne treatment, our skin absorbs over half of the products we put on it, so why punish it with toxic ingredients?

As the only Evan Healy certified organic skincare specialist & esthetician in Los Angeles, Laura Phillips infuses her knowledge and passion for organic therapies in her massage and skin care practices.  Providing overall counsel and support, Laura guides her clients to find peace and comfort in their own bodies by using all organic, wild-crafted products.  Teaching us the importance of treating our skin with special care, and why it is so important to utilize an organic skincare method.

By making the conscious choice to go all natural, you are not only limiting the exposure of your skin to harmful agents, but also protecting your entire body.  Our skin is layered with a thin coating of oils and water composing an "acid mantle" - our skins barrier against disease.  Keeping the pH of our acid mantle balanced is necessary for our skin to protect and restore itself.  Unlike most other brands, Evan Healy products honor the natural structure of our skin, and never use harmful synthetics that are detrimental to our health.  The organic and wild-crafted skin care line will work in harmony with your body, restoring its natural balance and flow - aligning you with nature and it's rhythms. 

Sink deep into relaxation with Laura Phillips massage and skincare therapies at Golden Folk Wellness.  

We hope to see you soon as you continue your journey to healing. 

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