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New Moon Cacao Ceremony with Soundbath & Primordial Breathwork


New Moons mark the start of a new lunar cycle, and as such, they are recognized in many different cultures as a special time to set intentions for new beginnings. We will celebrate July's New Moon, as a community, with Ceremonial Cacao, under the stars in this magical event. Cacao is the seed that chocolate is derived from and is hailed as a superfood for its high source of antioxidants and magnesium. In addition to its physical health benefits, it is cherished for its mental health benefits: it elevates the mood, promoting a sense of joy and pleasure within. In this event, we drink cacao as a sort of "hot chocolate" and activate its benefits through a shamanic breathwork and movement series. Cacao is a wonderful way to move stagnant energy, work through creative blocks, shift out of any heartbreak and remember your innate sense of joy that is within. The event ends with a sound healing that incorporates voice, Tibetan singing bowls, and drumming.

Cost: $30

*Space is limited. To confirm your spot, email Sonia at

About Sonia:


I am a Yoga Alliance certified instructor with a 13 year yoga practice, reiki certification, and a background in shamanic healing. I am also a internationally touring singer and songwriter and lead sound baths all over the world. I love this work! I am inspired to share these practices because I witness and hear about real inner transformation coming from these practices, and notice that a sense of true community is formed amongst the people who take the step to try it out. In today's world, where we are increasingly more isolated as we grow dependent on technology, the benefits of experiencing the collective warmth from participating in community cannot be underestimated and is essential for our mental and emotional health. 

Peace in the hearts of all.

Sonia Kreitzer