Daphne Lim, LAc

Daphne is a nationally board certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist. Her background includes a degree in psychology, which led to the desire to have a holistic understanding of health; one that acknowledges emotions, the mind, the physical body, and the spirit.

In her years as an acupuncturist, Daphne has had experience with a wide array of clients. She commonly treats conditions such as musculoskeletal issues, anxiety and depression, auto-immune disorders, and digestive problems. In addition, she has spent significant time in an NYC clinic treating HIV patients and has also provided support to individuals seeking relief from addiction in its various stages. Daphne has also been a part of a team of fertility specialists, working with western medical doctors to help those trying to conceive.

Daphne believes that all health starts with being present in your own body. She uses acupuncture as a tool, a guide to bring attention and ease to the places that need healing. She utilizes traditional forms of acupuncture, trigger point therapy, individualized herbal formulas, and more to support your health goals.

For more information, feel free to contact Daphne at daphne.acu@gmail.com.