BodyTalk ™


BodyTalk combines aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology, Western Medical Science, and Ayurveda to provide a comprehensive Mind-Body medicine. BodyTalk is a non-invasive energetic healing modality that locates the root causes of imbalance and disease in the client.  The practitioner accesses the client's innate wisdom to find the physical, emotional, environmental as well as ancestral factors that are interfering with the body's communication pathways and ability to self-heal.  Using biofeedback and non-invasive tapping techniques, the practitioner helps to clear the interfering factors, repairing lines of communication within all parts of the body and refocusing the body's natural healing response.  This results in relief of symptoms and significant improvements in health, as well as clients feeling lighter, more clarity and a deeper connection to their inner self.  

Lotara James is happy to work with you and witness you transform with deeper spiritual clarity and increased overall health and well-being through the BodyTalk system. Please contact Lotara for more information or to book your BodyTalk session at or 805.815.7426.