Alex’s goal with her patients is to help them to recreate balance in their lives so that they are able to live to their fullest potential. Understanding that Asian medicine can seem a little “out there” to the typical Westerner, Alex strives to explain diagnoses and treatment plans to patients in terms they can understand. Fluent in the languages of Asian Medicine, Western Medicine, and just regular old English (y español), Alex regularly alternates back and forth, emphasizing that which resonates most with each individual patient.

Over time, Alex has come to understand that physical and mental pain—headaches, anxiety, menstrual cramps, an aching back—are signals the body sends to slow us down because we’re doing too much. In our “Go, go, go!” environment, we have a tendency to ignore or cover up pain via a pill, heating pad, or ice pack. But those methods just mute the signal; they don’t solve the problem. Asian Medicine drew Alex in because it seeks to treat the pain by finding its root cause and eliminating it, thereby restoring balance to the body. It’s not about covering up aches and pains, it’s about healing the mind and body to prevent their return.

Alex is a testament to the effectiveness of Asian Medicine. As a migraine sufferer since middle school, Alex has found acupuncture, herbal, and nutritional treatment to be more effective, with fewer (no) side effects, than Western Medicine. Her own experience inspired her to help others and she enrolled in acupuncture school at Dongguk University in Los Angeles, graduating summa cum laude. Though she treats a wide variety of physical and mental imbalances, Alex specializes in the treatment of headaches/migraine, stress and anxiety, and non-fertility-related women’s health issues.

Alex believes in both Eastern and Western Medicine. Both can be powerful tools and one should have as many tools in their kit as possible. But the holistic nature of Eastern Medicine—the understanding that one’s physical state is impacted by one’s environment, culture, lifestyle, and mental state—resonates more strongly. In her practice, Alex treats the whole person, offering not only acupuncture, cupping, and herbal treatments, but also nutritional and lifestyle counseling.

Alex is an in-network provider for Cigna HMO, Blue Shield, and PPO plans. She can also bill out-of-network for PPO plans with other insurance companies.

For more information, feel free to contact Alex at alex@levelacupuncture.com or 323.484.4560.