Acupuncture is the placement of fine, sterile needles into specific areas of the body in order to activate the body’s internal energy system or Qi (pronounced chee).  Acupuncture works by regulating the movement of Qi and when this system is activated, the body’s own recuperative power is stimulated, promoting natural healing for a wide variety of medical problems. Sonya's goal is to bring your body back into homeostasis, as acupuncture harmonizes and balances the body and mind through gentle activation of the energy channels or meridians. 

Acupuncture is profoundly relaxing and can bring clarity of mind, release of tension, and renewed physical vitality. It supports healthy cellular nutrition and detoxification. In practice, both local and distal needling enhances the overall analgesic effect without the side-effects and toxicity associated with pharmaceuticals.  Acupuncture can restore the healthy circulation of Qi, by both activating the delivery system that distributes the nutrients and by encouraging the hauling away of waste. It also improves microcirculation, regulates immunity, respiration, temperature, pressure, hormonal secretion and sensitivity, neuromuscular coordination, and the manufacture of blood cells. An acupuncturist treats pain, nerve regeneration and healing by placing needles near the pain site, either on an acupuncture point or at a tender spot that activates segmental circuits to the spinal cord.

In conjunction with acupuncture, our practitioners use aromatherapy in their practice.  Inhaling the aroma from essential oils stimulates brain function and absorption of the scents can promote whole-body healing.  Used since antiquity, aromatherapy, the application of natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots and other parts of a plant, enhances psychological and physical well-being.

Insurance is accepted in most cases.  We are more than happy to verify your acupuncture benefits before making an appointment. Here are just a few of the providers who cover acupuncture and we accept at out clinic: Screen Actors Guild, Cigna, MPI, Health Net, United Healthcare, Aetna, Pacificare, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Director's Guild, and Writer's Guild.


Acupuncture for health, balance & clarity